Lissa Barker,'10, credits the Masters in Professional Studies in Journalism program with helping her find her current position at Travelzoo, the largest publisher of travel deals on the internet.

A Dream Becoming Reality
"I knew early on that I wanted to write about travel," Barker says, who now works as an Editorial Assistant at the online travel retailer. "In 2007, I made a good friend from Argentina while we were both traveling in Europe. We stayed in close contact throughout the years and when I learned that his country was going to celebrate their bicentennial in 2010, I knew I found my capstone topic."

With the encouragement of Professor Christopher Chambers, Associate Dean Denise Li and her classmates, Barker spent a few weeks in Buenos Aires and its surrounding towns participating in and writing about Argentina's 200 years of independence. The MPS Journalism Capstone became a portfolio showcasing her experiences in Argentina during the country's bicentennial celebrations through broadcasts and written observations.

The Next Step
Barker, originally from Omaha, Nebraska, holds a BA in Journalism from University of Maryland. She worked in the field immediately following graduation, and then took a brief detour.

"I decided to pursue a graduate degree so I could go back to doing what I love, and Georgetown had everything I was looking for: it's a great school with a name that is recognized for academic excellence around the world, evening classes so I could continue to work while working on my degree, and a convenient location."

Translating the Classroom Experience into the Real World
As she prepared to graduate, she sought the advice of her professors on next steps. Because she focused on international journalism, Barker says she primarily searched for positions abroad and in New York City. "If I wanted to work in international or travel news," she says, "we decided those would be the best locations for me."

"I owe Georgetown University -- and, in particular, Professor Christopher Chambers -- a lot of credit in helping me achieve my goal to write for the travel industry."

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- Molly McCluskey (Student, Master of Professional Studies in Journalism)

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