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Hoya Pitchmasters: The Last Minute Presentation

"Can you run this by me in 30 minutes?"

Your supervisor, a client, or an executive wants you to present an idea with little or no lead time. How can you come across as polished, prepared, and thorough with so little time to prepare? Join Erin Hennessy, VP at TVP Communications and Media Relations Instructor at SCS, for a hands-on session to help you increase your confidence in fielding these kinds of last-minute requests.

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This event is open to Georgetown SCS students, alumni, and prospective students as well as any interested professionals.


About Hoya Pitchmasters

Hoya Pitchmasters is a group hosted by the Public Relations & Corporate Communications master's program at Georgetown School of Continuing Studies. It was created to give SCS students and alumni the chance to work on building confidence and skills in public speaking in a supportive environment without a grade on the line. Attendees are expected to give comprehensive feedback to presenters, and every session focuses on tips and tricks to improve public speaking and pitching skills. Check out our YouTube channel for videos from our previous sessions.