Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

American Studies

Business Law

The course on business law serves several purposes.  These include:

(a)  Giving students considering law school both initial preparation and an idea of what to expect both academically and professionally,

(b)  Providing a real-world idea of how lawyers think, handle clients and deal with constant pressure to balance conflicting ethical and business objectives,

(c)  Understanding and questioning how laws, regulations and rules of all kinds are made, applied and then replaced over time, not just through governments, but in all groups ranging from companies to our own classroom, and

(d)  Engaging in discussion and debate to let students experience first-hand the process of advocacy our society uses to make laws and resolve disputes.

Given the critical, powerful and pervasive role our laws play in every facet of culture, government and business, they can be a confusing and disruptive force for those who are unfamiliar with them.  This course is for students who want to limit these adverse effects and, instead, try to benefit from the the evolving social and business opportunities that our laws create.

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