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XCOA-046 Leading Performance: Engaging and Developing Employees

XCOA-046 Leading Performance: Engaging and Developing Employees

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Course Details

The standard models of communication are not always effective in today's multi-generational, diverse, and mobile workforce. To adapt to today's dynamic work environment, managers must develop a coaching skill set and new mental models about how best to develop employees. This course draws on the theories and communication techniques taught in the rigorous Certificate in Leadership Coaching program and applies them to the context of a modern manager. 

This course will increase the manager's understanding and skill in using critical coaching skills in developing employees. Participants will learn how to use these skills to increase the effectiveness of conversations with employees at all levels of performance, competence, and commitment. This understanding will strengthen the manager's ability to positively impact employee competency, engagement, and retention, all of which are critical to an organization's ability to sustain success. The skills developed in this program are transferable to all relationships at work; participants will increase their conversational effectiveness overall.

Course Outline

The course comprises one two-day session. Course time will involve a combination of lecture, learning activities, and practice sessions. Pragmatics, discovery, and engaged learning are emphasized in this program.

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of the "Leading Performance: Engaging and Developing Employees" course, participants will be able to:

  • Co-create development plans for employees who strive for excellence
  • Understand and demonstrate the theory and skills of an effective coach
  • Intentionally listen at deep levels
  • Develop excellent questions based on deep listening and curiosity
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Demonstrate skill and flexibility in guiding employee conversations to assist them in accepting their role in their own development and satisfaction.
  • Increase skill and knowledge in engaging in coaching conversations to employees who represent the broad range of performance and engagement levels.
  • Determine resources to continue developing their coaching skills


Leadership Coaching Graduates

Graduates of the Certificate in Leadership Coaching program are eligible for a 10% alumni discount on select ITL courses, workshops, and seminars (certificate programs excluded). Send an email to to learn about your eligibility.

Early Registration

Participants who register at least 21 days prior to the course start date will receive a 10% tuition discount. Please note that only one tuition discount can be applied at time of registration.

Course Registration

This course is an open enrollment course. No application is required and registration is available by clicking "Add to Cart." Current students must register with their Georgetown NetID and password. New students will be prompted to create an account prior to registration.


XCOA-046 - 01 Leading Performance: Engaging and Developing Employees    
2017 - Fall 2017 Non-Credit   Status:  Available
Class:   Thu, Fri 9:00AM - 5:00PM
16 Nov 2017 to 17 Nov 2017
Number of Sessions: 2 Sessions
Contact Hours: 14.0
Course Tuition:
Tuition non-credit    1195.00
Potential Discount(s):
Fed. Government Employee Discount
Location:   Main Campus
Building:   640 Mass Ave
Instructors: Bonnie Holloway, Mike McGinley

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