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XCOA-944 The Art of Facilitation: Tools to Transform Individual and Group Performance

XCOA-944 The Art of Facilitation: Tools to Transform Individual and Group Performance

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Course Details

Skilled facilitators know how to bring out the best in people. They can design gatherings that get results, while their presence, confidence, and innate understanding of participants sets the tone and energy in the room. By drawing out and building upon their team members’ intellectual and social capital, skilled facilitators can help nurture creativity and innovation, transforming overall performance. Effective facilitation is a learned skill that can be taught and improved upon for leaders and coaches from a variety of backgrounds.

The underlying principle of this curriculum is that facilitation – the art of crafting gatherings and convenings – can transform the ways that people communicate with one another and work together. Great facilitators push people to think, act, and speak in new ways; they can nurture transformation in an organizational and leadership context. Skilled facilitators serve as catalysts for change – they “awaken, engage, and support” great leaders. 

Designed For

  • Managers and leadership coaches interested in developing and expanding their facilitation toolbox to enhance their work in group settings.
  • Professionals working in settings where the ability to create meaningful and innovative convenings, trainings, and meetings will advance the mission and work of the organization or professional setting.   

Course Outline

This course will be largely experiential. The technical approach of the course will provide new skills and knowledge to participants, and the transformational approach will connect the person and their identity as a facilitator. Participants will have several practicum experiences throughout the two-day seminar. These include, but are not limited to, developing and presenting a design of a potential facilitation, delivering a facilitated experience and receiving feedback from both faculty and fellow students on all practical aspects.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, a successful student will be able to:

  • Practice and sharpen techniques in facilitation design 
  • Gain confidence and skill in taking information and applying/ integrating it to relevant session-crafting
  • Develop and hone leadership presence in small and large group settings
  • Construct and deliver innovative facilitation modalities.


ICF Continuing Education Units

The course provides 14 continuing education units towards maintaining the ICF credential.

Leadership Coaching Alumni

Graduates of the Leadership Coaching certificate program are eligible for a 10% alumni discount on select ITL courses, workshops, and seminars (certificate programs excluded). Send an email to to learn about your eligibility.

Early Registration

Participants who register at least 21 days prior to the course start date will receive a 10% tuition discount. Please note that only one tuition discount can be applied at time of registration.

Course Registration

This course is an open enrollment course. No application is required and registration is available by clicking "Add to Cart." Current students must register with their Georgetown NetID and password. New students will be prompted to create an account prior to registration.



XCOA-944 - 01 The Art of Facilitation: Tools to Transform Individual and Group Performance    
2017 - Summer 2017 Non-Credit   Status:  Available
Class:   Tue, Wed 9:00AM - 5:00PM
11 Jul 2017 to 12 Jul 2017
Number of Sessions: 2 Sessions
Contact Hours: 14.0
Course Tuition:
Tuition non-credit    1195.00
Potential Discount(s):
Alumni Discount
ITL Early Registration Discount
Faculty Discount
Boeing Discount
Fed. Government Employee Discount
Location:   Main Campus
Building:   640 Mass Ave
Instructors: Rae Ringel
Section Notes:  

Continuing Education Units

This course will provide 14 continuing education (CE) hours toward maintaining the ICF Credential.  Note: ICF's approval for CE hours expires July 31, 2017.


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