Master of Professional Studies in Human Resources Management

Diversity and Inclusion Management

Analyzing and Addressing Institutional Discrimination

Course Description:

Institutional discrimination is a form of discrimination that occurs in institutions such as public bodies, corporations, and universities.Institutional discrimination is distinguished from the bigotry orracial bias of individuals by the existence of systematic, structural policies and practices that have the unintended effect of disadvantaging certain racial or ethnic groups. Many organizations have done a significant amount of work in addressing issues of diversity at the individual and interpersonal level but have yet to address how policies, practices, and procedures have been institutionalized along race, class, gender, and other lines, there by resulting in institutionally discriminatory behaviors, policies, practices and decisions. This intensive course will provide an in-depth understanding of the forms of institutional racism and discrimination embedded in many organizations. Participants will focus on ways to dismantle discriminatory behaviors, policies, practices, procedures and on how to design and implement systems that create an inclusive, open, and transparent discrimination-free culture.

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