Master of Professional Studies in Global Hospitality Leadership

Human Capital Management and Labor Relations

Course Description:
Hospitality is a “people” industry above all things, in which three-quarters of overall revenue is often dedicated to labor costs. It is well known that J.W. Marriott encouraged his company to nurture the human capital assets, so that they will in turn take care of the guests, and the guests will return again and again. Accordingly, this course is designed to introduce students to the principles of human capital management as a core business and service foundation of the hospitality industry, with a focus on the global marketplace. It will equip students with the skills needed to manage people, resolve human resources issues and recruit effective employees who can deliver on the intensive customer service goals of the organization. This course will also serve as an introduction to global labor and employment law, including price-fixing, the American Disabilities Act, Affordable Care Act, labor contract negotiation, collective bargaining, and union agreements & management.

Global Diversity and Inclusion will be extensively reviewed as a core focus of the industry’s current efforts and trajectory in the creation of an inclusive environment for owners, employees, and guests worldwide. This extensive course will introduce students to the basics of talent management strategy, including topics such as workforce analysis, building a talent pipeline, recruitment, on-boarding, service-culture training, performance management, career management, succession planning, retention, and engagement.
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