Master of Professional Studies in Human Resources Management

Diversity and Inclusion Management

Foundations of HR

Course Description:

This course focuses on the core competencies that are essential for effectively working in HR. All students must take this course in their first semester of the program. The role of HR managers is discussed, focusing specifically on the following functional areas: strategic human resource management, workforce planning and employment, and employee and labor relations. Using discussion, independent research, and objective testing, students build their knowledge of human resource management.

Students will be provided with the basic skill-set and framework required for the more specialized and advanced concentration courses in the curriculum. Moreover, through the use of readings, lectures, group presentations and real-world case studies, students will gain a basic understanding and appreciation of concepts and issues relating to equal employment opportunities, different forms of employment discrimination and harassment, discipline and/or termination of difficult employees, recruitment, selection, and retention practices, managing at-will employees, evaluating performance, employee development, compensation regulations, employee relations as well as related areas.

Students will be expected to learn the basics of contributing to HR planning and analysis and develop an awareness of the challenges facing the HR profession.

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