Master of Professional Studies in Technology Management

International: Tech Mgmt

Course Description:
The students will explore renaissance dynamics to determine strategies necessary to architect transformation and apply them to current scenarios in leadership and technology. The political, social, and cultural context of the renaissance will be the backdrop for students to research technological innovation of the time (using Brunelleschi’s dome) and the need to rediscover lost technological solutions to apply them to current dilemmas. Spanning the political structure of Renaissance Florence, lessons learned from Brunelleschi’s successes and failures, and the rediscovery of ancient Roman problem-solving techniques, this course will provide a foundation for students to apply transformation thinking to problems they face in today’s workplace. Some of the key topics discussed in the course will include: Transformational thinking, analysis of risk, role of competition, reinventing technology and applying renaissance strategies to current situations.

Students must apply and be accepted into this course. Cost is $2,700 program fee + tuition rate. Program fee includes lodging, insurance, breakfast, opening/closing dinner, and activity fees.
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Noel Lee, President & CEO of Monster Inc., Speaks to Georgetown

Noel Lee, President & CEO of Monster Inc., Speaks to Georgetown

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