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XCOM-013 Approaches to Successful Public Speaking

XCOM-013 Approaches to Successful Public Speaking

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Course Details

Many professionals prefer to avoid speaking to groups larger than two even though many of today's careers require good presentation and communication skills. If you are a professional who prefers to avoid public speaking, you are not alone. Speaking in public is a common challenge. However, both the tools and practices to overcome this challenge and become an effective public speak are available, and the art of public speaking can be learned.

This course will examine the sources and role of anxiety in public speaking and, more importantly, how to manage it. Work will include practical exercises and speaking assignments designed to increase your confidence and build your skills as a speaker. We will also focus on managing nerves, voice, and body movement during speaking. This course is designed for professionals seeking effective approaches to public speaking and methods to manage the anxiety of communicating with groups of any size.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of speech formats and styles
  • Acquire techniques to manage nerves, voice, and body movement during speaking
  • Build confidence in public speaking through practice


This course is an open enrollment course. No application is required and registration is available by clicking "Add to Cart." Current students must register with their Georgetown NetID and password. New students will be prompted to create an account prior to registration.


XCOM-013 - 01 Approaches to Successful Public Speaking    
2017 - Spring 2017 Non-Credit   Status:  Available
Class:   Tue, Thu 6:30PM - 9:30PM
28 Feb 2017 to 23 Mar 2017
Number of Sessions: 8 Sessions
Contact Hours: 24.0
Course Tuition:
Tuition non-credit    495.00
Potential Discount(s):
Alumni Discount
Boeing Discount
Location:   Main Campus
Building:   640 Mass Ave
Section Notes:  Class will be on the following Tuesdays and Thursdays: February 28 & March 2, 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, & 23, 2017.  

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