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XCOM-500 Fundamentals of Dynamic Creative Writing

XCOM-500 Fundamentals of Dynamic Creative Writing

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Course Details

The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with the fundamentals of dynamic creative writing, both as a way to learn artful storytelling through fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, and to develop specific stylistic skills for general and professional discourse. These objectives will be accomplished through in-class writing exercises, close study of innovative contemporary writers, and detailed discussion of participant work. Peer evaluation will allow the writer to understand how an audience reacts to a piece of their writing, a sounding board not normally available to writers. Likewise, participants will become stronger evaluators of their own writing in creative and professional contexts.

We will read the work of influential writers to observe how they craft inventive techniques and styles so that participants can adapt them to develop their own unique voice. The course will cover these specific techniques, as well as others:

  • character development
  • narrative structure
  • creative research
  • imagery
  • prosody
  • figurative devices

Many of these can translate into skills for copywriting, job search writing, design, marketing, video production, and speech writing.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Write a short story that uses character development, setting, voice, and narrative arc to engage the audience.
  • Write either narrative journalism or a memoir-style essay that uses creative research, reflection, and suppositional language to inform and engage the audience.
  • Compile a small collection of poems that demonstrate fresh imagery, alliteration, assonance, figurative language, and lyrical storytelling.


This course is an open enrollment course. No application is required and registration is available by clicking "Add to Cart." Current students must register with their Georgetown NetID and password. New students will be prompted to create an account prior to registration.


XCOM-500 - 01 Fundamentals of Dynamic Creative Writing    
2017 - Summer 2017 Non-Credit   Status:  Available
Class:   Thu 6:30PM - 9:30PM
20 Jul 2017 to 24 Aug 2017
Number of Sessions: 6 Sessions
Contact Hours: 18.0
Course Tuition:
Tuition non-credit    495.00
Potential Discount(s):
Alumni Discount
Faculty Discount
Fed. Government Employee Discount
Location:   Main Campus
Building:   640 Mass Ave

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