Master of Professional Studies in Human Resources Management

Mission and Learning Goals

Mission Statement

The Georgetown University Master’s in Human Resource Management program educates professionals with the knowledge and analytical skills that will enable them to lead organizational efforts in strategic human resource practices.  

Learning Goals

Students participating in the program gain an advanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities related to human capital management while developing expertise in concentrations including International Human Resources Management, Diversity and Inclusion Management and Strategic Human Capital Management.

Students who complete the Master's in Human Resources Management program will:

  1. Explore the core values endemic to the professional world with a particular focus on the connections between applied ethics and human resources and diversity.
  2. Understand the foundations of strategic human resource management, workforce planning and employment, and employee engagement.
  3. Define and understand data and information requirements, data normalization, entity relationships, statistical and time-series data analysis, and predication and decision-making strategies.
  4. Develop planning and management strategies based upon environmental analysis, assessment of organizational competencies and weaknesses, and analysis of competitors.
  5. Complete an original capstone project that entails substantial research and writing on an HR topic relevant to a student’s chosen concentration. Students can leverage capstone projects in their professional career pursuits.

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