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Fourteen students recently returned from an exciting trip to Paris, the site of this summer’s Global HR Immersion class, a unique educational opportunity for participants in the Georgetown University Master of Human Resources Management program.

The students studied abroad, July 15-22, and got the chance to work alongside executives from global companies such as Nike, Abercrombie & Fitch, Johnson & Johnson, Xerox and Bank of America.

“This was a tremendous experience for our students to see, from the perspective of top executives, how HR work is done on a global scale,” said Senior Associate Dean Dr. Christopher Metzler, who heads the program at the Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies. “It was also a tremendous opportunity for our students to build their professional networks on a global level, which is critical for today’s HR professionals.”

An In-Depth View of Global HR Challenges

The students resided at the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CIUP), a private park and foundation for visiting students and academics. As part of their studies, the students worked with corporate executives on critical global HR, diversity and talent management challenges. Back home, they are working on formal recommendations that will be shared with corporate executives at a future date.

The Paris tip marked the fourth consecutive year of the Global HR Immersion program, but the first time the program has taken students, the faculty and partnering companies to Paris, Dr. Metzler said. Past trips have taken students to London. Future locations may include Doha and Singapore.

Metzler believes the program will continue to expand in importance, especially at a time when many of today’s companies are seeing more than 40 percent of their growth come from outside the United States.

“Being a seasoned HR professional who can look across the globe for solutions – that’s very important to businesses,” he said. “This program is an opportunity for our students to get real international experiences, including a close look at global talent competition, merger and acquisition challenges and other human capital issues that arise from rapid global expansion.”