Photo of Tim English

Tim English is the senior staff counsel for the NFL Players Association, which is the NFL players' union, located in Washington, DC. For the past 27 years, Tim has been responsible for handling NLRB matters and other labor law issues for the NFLPA including filing and litigating player grievances involving contract, injury and disciplinary disputes.

Tim is also currently responsible for advising the NFLPA's sister organizations, the Arena Football League Players Association and the NFL Coaches Association on labor law and grievance matters. He previously handled such matters for the USFL Players Association, the North American Soccer League Players Association and the Major Indoor Soccer League Players Association.

Since joining the NFLPA in 1981, Tim has handled or been involved in some of the most high profile sports law cases and issues. For example, in 1987, Tim was in charge of the NFLPA's picket lines around club facilities and stadiums during the 24-day NFL player strike. He litigated a year-long NLRB trial arising out of the 1987 NFL players' strike which resulted in a $30 million award to the striking players. In the late 1980's, Tim helped devise and implement the NFLPA's renunciation of its union status which removed the NFL owners' labor exemption to the anti-trust laws and led to the NFL players achieving real free agency for the first time in NFL history.

Previously, during the 55-day NFL players' strike of 1982, the NFLPA organized and televised several all-star games played by the striking NFL players. Tim handled the NLRB and other labor law issues which arose during the strike including the firing of several player representatives as well as the legal issues surrounding the all-star games and the NFL's efforts to shut them down by serving every player involved with a state court restraining order.

In addition, Tim helped the NFLPA institute the first agent certification and regulation system in sports and has been involved in its continued development, including the implementation of the annual new agents' exam. Tim was also a long-time member of the NFLPA's health and safety committee which was instrumental in removing old-style artificial turf from NFL stadiums and practice facilities.

Moreover, Tim successfully defended the NASL Players Association against an attempted takeover by two soccer agents before the NLRB. In doing so, he established the principle in sports that agents could not be collective bargaining representatives because of the inherent conflict of interests between individual and collective rights, despite the fact that the heads of the NHLPA and the NBPA were then agents. In the wake of the NLRB decision, these agent/union leaders were forced out of their union roles by the player representatives in those respective sports.

Prior to joining the NFLPA in 1981, Tim served as a trial attorney for the NLRB in its Manhattan regional office from 1976 to 1981. During that time, Tim prosecuted unfair labor practice (ULP) violations and supervised representation elections. In a series of ULP cases, Tim successfully prosecuted the NASL soccer owners for their refusal to bargain with, and their illegal campaign to break, the NASLPA. Tim's efforts culminated in a federal judging issuing a sweeping injunction voiding most of the terms of all the individual player contracts in the league as well as ordering the league to cease all preparations for a winter season until it bargained with the union. In short order, the NASL players achieved their first collective bargain agreement (CBA).

In another NLRB case against the NASL owners, Tim won an award requiring them to turn over to the NASLPA individual player salary information which the owners claimed to be confidential. Tim filed a similar case against the NFL owners shortly after coming to work with the NFLPA which resulted in the players and their union getting individual player salaries for the first time.

Tim received a classical BA from Saint Louis University, a master of education from the University of Massachusetts and his law degree from St. John's University in New York. After college, Tim served as a Peace Corp volunteer for two years in Venezuela. Tim now lives in Northern Virginia with his wife Kathleen English and has 2 step-daughters Jessica and Lisa McCann who also live in Northern Virginia.