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Paralegal Studies Program

Paralegal Studies Program

Paralegal Studies Program

As the legal industry experiences transformation due to economic and technological changes, opportunities for accomplished and technically-savvy paralegals have increased significantly. Established in 1973, the Georgetown University Paralegal Studies Program combines academic rigor with legal and technical competencies to develop well-rounded legal professionals. Our graduates pursue successful careers as paralegals in legal, corporate, non-profit, or government organizations, and many continue to law school.

Georgetown University's Paralegal Studies Program is the only paralegal program in Washington, D.C. approved by the Standing Committee on Paralegals of the American Bar Association, an important credential for most major legal employers. In addition to a comprehensive and rigorous legal education, students gain career and leadership skills to succeed in a highly competitive job market.

Programs & Courses for Professionals

Georgetown Paralegal offers a part-time evening program, a summer intensive program, and continuing legal education courses for legal professionals:

We encourage prospective students to explore each program and course offering thoroughly to determine the best fit for career advancement.

Please be aware that there are restrictions to the practice of law. To practice law without a law license is prohibited under most jurisdictions. For more information regarding the unauthorized practice of law in the District of Columbia, visit website for the District of Columbia Courts.

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