Semester in Washington, DC Program

Program Format

Summer Programs (6 credits)

Students in Georgetown University's Semester in Washington Program (SWP) select one of the following academic areas for summer term:

Digital Communications, New Media and Social Change
International Relations
Law, Legislation and Politics
Politics and Public Policy
Religion and Political Culture

During the summer, SWP students earn 6 academic credits by successfully completing the following program components within their chosen academic area of focus:

Internship and Academic Seminar (3 credits)
Research Seminar (3 credits)

Internship and Academic Seminar (3 credits total)

For ten weeks, students work as interns up to five days a week and take an accompanying academic seminar, which meets once a week in the mornings or evenings.

The internship allows students to put knowledge into action and gain valuable hands-on experience with a leading Washington organization. As interns, students immerse themselves in a professional experience in a federal agency, an organization in the private sector, a lobbying organization, law firm, media outlet, public relations firm, public policy organization, or on Capitol Hill. Georgetown's director of internships helps students identify and secure an internship position that aligns with their individual academic and professional goals. The director provides advice on every aspect of the internship, including resume preparation, interview techniques, and professional networking.

In the accompanying academic seminar, students learn from assigned readings, lectures, and discussion groups that are unique to their program of study. Students also participate in discussions with elected officials, policy makers, and practitioners in the private and public sectors. Reaching beyond their work in their selected organization, Semester in Washington students reflect on the ethical and leadership implications of their internships and the role that their work can have on larger society. The incorporation of leadership, ethics, and social justice is at the forefront of the academic seminar.

For a list of possible internships, please click here.

Research Seminar (3 credits)

In the research seminar, which meets once a week in the evening, students conduct an in-depth research project that focuses on a new and emerging topic of their choice within their field of study. As preparation for interviews with academic experts, policy-makers, and elected officials, students receive an overview of quantitative and qualitative research methods from their Georgetown University research professor. Semester in Washington students infuse the concepts of applied ethics, leadership, or social justice into their work. Students culminate their research study by writing a significant paper at the end of the term.

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