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Why Affiliate?

Institutions choose to affiliate with the Semester in Washington Program so that they may establish institutionally specific guidelines that will govern their students' participation at Georgetown University. The affiliation agreement can be used as a means to stipulate a wide range of details regarding a student's participation in the Semester in Washington Program, ranging from dictating the specifics of the application process, the billing of the program, and the effective transfer of academic credit. The advantage and appeal of this institutional set up has to do with the way in which it serves to streamline the process by having a preset list of guidelines that will stand to govern a student's means of inquiring, applying, and ultimately being accepted to the program.

Our goal, with the institutional agreement, is to satisfy the academic needs of the student's home institution; thereby, granting the home institution the opportunity to set forth any specific academic requirements they would like to hold their students accountable to while they are attending Georgetown University. These academic stipulations can range from requiring that their students register for no less than 15 credits, selecting the program of study, or to requiring a submission of the Semester in Washington research paper to the home school. Again, the primary purpose of this affiliation agreement is to ensure the smooth transfer of academic credit from Georgetown University back to a student's home institution.

Affiliation agreements also help logistically to coordinate the billing process so that students receive all of the available financial benefits that they normally would have at their home institution while participating in the Semester in Washington Program.

Establishing an affiliation agreement with Georgetown University will undoubtedly reflect the importance your institution places on being connected to and being a part of our globalized world. This too will also reflect upon the importance your institution places on building national as well as international connections. It is based upon these precise values that many affiliated institutions choose to promote the Semester in Washington Program in their academic catalogs, study abroad materials, and websites. The individual success stories of our participants speak volumes about the value of this academic experience. Please read our student testimonials and please feel free to contact the Semester in Washington Program with any questions you may have about the process of becoming an affiliated institution!

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