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The Semester in Washington, D.C. Program at Georgetown University combines the extraordinary resources of the nation's capital with Georgetown's rich heritage, creating an unparalleled learning experience. By studying in one of the world's most culturally and politically vibrant cities, you will have a firsthand opportunity to examine the complex issues facing nations, organizations and decision makers today, along with the forces that drive policy and shape history.

Students will choose one of six academic areas as a concentration:

Digital Communications, New Media and Social Change
International Commerce and Trade
International Relations
Law, Legislation, and Politics
Politics and Public Policy
Religion and Political Culture

Each subject area offers three distinct components:

Internship/Internship Course
Students spend several days per week in an internship in the metro D.C. area and take the accompanying internship class. In the internship, students immerse themselves in a professional experience in a federal agency, an organization in the private sector, a lobbying organization, law firm, media outlet, public relations firm, public policy organization, or on Capitol Hill. Additionally, students reach beyond their work in their selected organizations in the accompanying internship class, where they reflect on the ethical and leadership implications of their internships and the role that their work can have on larger society.

Academic Seminar
Students learn from assigned readings, lectures, and discussion groups that are unique to their program of study. They also participate in discussions with elected officials, policy-makers, and practitioners in the private and public sectors. The incorporation of leadership, ethics, and social justice are at the forefront of the academic seminar.

Research Seminar
This seminar is a guided, independent research project offered exclusively to students. Students in the research seminar produce an original research paper that focuses on a topic from their content area and infuse concepts of applied ethics, leadership, or social justice into their work.

Summer 2015: June 1 - July 24
Fall 2015: September 2 - December 22
Spring 2016: January 13 - May 14

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