Semester in Washington, DC Program

Resources and Policies

Academic Life and Resources
Students admitted into the Semester in Washington Program are entitled to Georgetown University facilities and resources. Students have access to numerous campus resources, including the Joseph Mark Lauinger Memorial Library, the Language Learning Technology Center, University Information Services, athletic facilities at the Yates Field House, and the Career Education Center. The Academic Resource Center provides accommodations in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Academic Regulations and Policies
All students admitted to Georgetown University's Semester in Washington Program follow the guidelines set forth by Georgetown University for all undergraduate students as well as for Summer School students. Academic and administrative policies and procedures that affect all students in SCS and at Georgetown University can be found on the Academic Affairs Handbook page.  Students must also abide by the Honor Council Code.

The University Bookstore is located on the main floor of the Leavey Center. The main line is (202) 687-7482. Always call and confirm the hours when planning to go to the Bookstore.

Campus Ministry
Georgetown is a Jesuit Catholic institution that respects and encourages a variety of faith traditions.  For information about religious services, events, and the chaplains-in-residence program, please visit the Campus Ministry website.

Students can sign up for a meal plan online through the Georgetown University Dining Services website. Leo J. O'Donovan Dining Hall, the main dining hall on campus, is located on the southern end of campus.  A meal plan is required for most students living on campus. Read more about meal plan policies at the Georgetown University Dining Services website. 

Students who select a meal plan which includes Flex Dollars can also use their Flex Dollars to dine at several locations on campus including Cosi Restaurant, Hoya Court Starbucks,and Epicurean and Co. Restaurant. Students with special dietary needs, please contact the registered dietitian at 202-687-5379.

Health Insurance
Georgetown University requires Semester in Washington Program students to have health insurance. Most students come to Georgetown with their home institution's health insurance or purchase insurance for the semester from a health insurance provider. For more information on health insurance please visit Georgetown University's Student Health Insurance or call (202) 687-4883.

Registered students arrange housing through the Semester in Washington Program. Georgetown University Housing Services are located in 103 Harbin Hall. For more information on Georgetown Housing, please visit the Housing web site.

Immunization Requirements
All students under age 26 attending school are required by D.C. Law 3-20 to present evidence of immunization against the following diseases: Poliomyelitis, Measles, Rubella (German Measles), Diphtheria, Mumps, and Tetanus. Also, the District of Columbia requires all new students, regardless of age, to complete the Tuberculosis form, Part III, p. 2. To obtain the form, please contact the Student Health Center at (202) 687-4500 or download the form from their website at

Lauinger Library
The main campus library is located on the corner of 37th and Prospect Street. Call (202) 687-7500 to verify the daily schedule. You must have your GO Card bar-coded at the Library BEFORE you check out books or use its research services. Carry your GO Card with you when you go to the Library as you must show it to enter the Library as well.

NetID and Identification Card (GOCard)
Each student will be assigned a NetID and given instructions on how to activate it and use Student Access+. Once registered, students should obtain an identification card (GOCard) from the GOCard office in Darnall Hall, Room 3, adjacent to the Student Health Center. GO Card office hours are M-F, 9 AM-5 PM. Call ahead to confirm the hours, (202) 687-2700. The GOCard should be carried at all times; it will be required for admission to the library and other University facilities.

For students, guests, prospective students coming to campus during the daytime (before 5:00 PM) please note: A limited number of daily "visitor" parking spaces are available in the Southwest Garage for a flat rate of $12/day and this garage may be reached by entering the campus from Canal Rd. Parking in the Southwest Quadrangle is available for students after 5 p.m. weekdays. Show your student GOCard and pay $2.00. There is no parking charge in the lot on Saturday and Sunday. Check the website for the Office of Transportation Management for any changes.

Parking at the Georgetown Downtown campus, home of the School of Continuing Studies, is available on the streets for two hours or in nearby parking garages. Please note that parking in Georgetown is very limited and ticketing is enforced. 

Student Accounts
Student billing and student accounts management are handled by Student Accounts, located on the ground floor of White-Gravenor, (202) 687-7100 or 7111. Tuition adjustments are made by the Registrar, and Student Accounts processes the refunds. When a credit balance is due, it can be refunded only after it appears on the Student Account ledger. Application for a refund check must be made in writing to the Office of Student Accounts or the student may leave the refund as a credit balance in his/her student account.

Student Center
The Leavey Center provides students several places for dining: Center Grill (cafeteria), Fast Break (fast-food), The Faculty Club (restaurant), Vital Vittles (mini-market), and several coffee bars. The Leavey Center also has open lobbies for study as well as a full service attached Marriott Hotel.

Student Health Center
The Student Health Center is located on the ground floor of Darnall Hall and is staffed by physicians and nurse practitioners and is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information and to make an appointment, please visit the Student Health Center web site or call (202) 687-2200.

Transfer Credit
Every student's home academic institution, school, and major department can have its own unique transfer policies and procedures.  We recommend that all SWP students review the policies of their home institution regarding study elsewhere and transfer credit before enrolling in courses at Georgetown.  In many cases, students need advance, written permission from their home institution in order to have credits earned elsewhere be considered for transfer back to those institutions.  Please note:  Your home institution makes the final determination concerning all transfer requirements, including minimum course and GPA criteria and whether or not the GPA earned here can count in your home institution's GPA.  At the conclusion of your studies, you will receive an official Georgetown transcript listing your classes and final grades earned.  This document will be required by your home school to complete their official transfer review. 

Transcripts of academic records may be obtained through the Office of the University Registrar, G-01 White-Gravenor Building, (202) 687-4020. A student may request a copy of his/her transcript in person, online via or by writing the Registrar.  A one-time transcript fee of $12 is charged to each new student's account upon registration for the Semester in Washington Program.

Transportation -- Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle (GUTS)
GUTS. is a bus transportation service offered by Georgetown University. For routes, schedules, and fares, call (202) 687-4364 or check the Office of Transportation Management website. There, you can also find parking information and directions to campus.

Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel Services
Students who are eligible to receive veterans educational benefits through the Veterans Administration may contact the Veterans' Affairs Coordinator in the Registrar's Office, (202) 687-4020 for Veterans education benefits, and enrollment certification/information.

Writing Resource Center

Georgetown Downtown and Main Campus (Lauinger Library 217-A) 
Summer 2007 Hours: Sunday - Thursday, 3:00 - 7:00 p.m.

In order to excel in our program, you will need excellent writing skills. Even experienced writers can use help now and again! As a member of the Georgetown community, you will have full access to the University Writing Center.

The Writing Center provides tutors who specialize in working with undergraduate students and who offer tutoring tailored to the needs of Semester in Washington Program students. These graduate tutors receive the English Department's most competitive fellowships and have classroom experience as well as extensive training in working with a diverse student body.

To make an appointment or to use the center's online resources, visit the Writing Center web site; or, for more information, please contact Dr. Kathryn Temple at 202-687-6765.

Yates Field House
A fully equipped recreational facility is located near the Observatory. Call (202) 687-2400 for information on fees and services.

Consortium Agreements
Georgetown University participates in consortium agreements whereby the students' Federal Financial Aid transfers to Georgetown University for the semester. Please check with your home college/university Office of Financial Aid to ensure their participation in this transfer agreement prior to enrolling in SWP. Please contact the SWP office for any questions regarding this policy. As a student enrolled in SWP you are enrolled as a non-degree seeking student with Georgetown University; therefore, you are not eligible to apply for Federal Financial Aid through Georgetown University because of the non-degree status.

Semester in Washington students pay Georgetown University's full-time undergraduate tuition for non-degree exchange students (per semester). For tuition rates, please visit our admissions section.

Enrollment Deposit
Students admitted into Georgetown University's Semester in Washington Program should submit a $800.00 nonrefundable enrollment deposit upon admission to secure their place in the program. The deposit is applied to tuition upon registration.

Application Fee - $50.00
Lifetime Transcript Fee - $50.00 (for summer school students $20)
Student Activities Fee - $75.00
Yates Field House Fee - $180.00 (optional)
Late Registration Fee - $100.00
Late Payment Fee/Payment Deferral Fee - $60.00
Returned Check Fee (Student Accounts Office) - $80.00

* Subject to approval/change.

Health Insurance
Georgetown University requires Semester in Washington Program students to have health insurance.  For more information on health insurance, including enrollment and waiver information, please visit the Georgetown University Student Health Insurance page.


As a student at Georgetown University, Semester in Washington students follow the Georgetown University guidelines set forth in the Academic Bulletin for all undergraduate students at Georgetown University. All students enrolled in the Georgetown University Semester in Washington Program in the summer are subject to the financial guidelines set forth by the Georgetown University Summer School, which can be found here .

For tuition rates, please visit our admissions section.

Application Fee - $50
Lifetime Transcript Fee - $50 (for summer school students $20)
Late Registration Fee - $100
Late Payment Fee/Payment Deferral Fee - $60
Returned Check Fee (Student Accounts Office) - $80

*Subject to approval/change


Scholarship Information

Partial scholarships are available for Semester in Washington Program applicants. All scholarship applicants must have submitted their complete application or must have been accepted into SWP to be considered for a scholarship.

Non-Georgetown students who are not degree candidates at Georgetown University can apply for limited scholarship assistance directly from SWP.
Students from institutions that are affiliated with SWP should contact the assistant dean for more information.

How to Apply: Scholarship Application Form
Non-Georgetown students who wish to apply for limited scholarship assistance directly from SWP may download the scholarship application form.

Application Deadlines
Scholarship applications are accepted on a rolling basis. However, early submission is recommended because funds are limited. The priority application deadline for scholarship consideration is May 1.


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