The Fundamentals programs at Georgetown University offer high school students the opportunity to examine one of five subject areas while experiencing campus life in Washington, DC. Through a combination of lectures, discussions and group projects, each Fundamentals program provides students with a dynamic and enriching college learning experience.

Choose from these areas of study


Our program in medicine will help you gain tools to prepare for medical school and later for a career in medicine. Learn in a hands-on laboratory setting at the Georgetown Medical Center and focus on some of today's basic medical issues, such as preventative medicine, heart disease and HIV.


Thoroughly examine the past, present and potential future of the American legal system.


Explore politics at the epicenter of the American political system: Washington, DC.


Invest your time in understanding how modern business is shaping the world.

Arts and Humanities

Understand how to write clearly and effectively by learning what will be expected of your writing throughout college.


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