Summer Programs for High School Students

Institutes & Immersion Programs

Our one-week Institutes and three-week Immersion Programs will take you on an intensive learning experience. You'll dig into a single subject through an experiential, hands-on course that integrates off-site visits and guest speakers with discussion sections and collaborative work. Students can expect to amass a wealth of knowledge and college experience in a short amount of time.

Choose from these areas of study

Medicine & Science

Train in a hands-on laboratory setting in the Georgetown Medical Center and get a snapshot of the first year medical student's curriculum. New for 2016, our Digital Design & Programming Institute investigates how the innovation, disruption, and creation of new technologies impact our world.

Arts & Humanities

Surround yourself with experts who will help you better grow and develop your leadership, journalistic or creative writing skills.

Business & Law

Harness your passion and entrepreneurial spirit at Georgetown University. Our institutes provide a great start to a future in business, and high school is the perfect time to begin cultivating your entrepreneurial skills and business savvy.

Politics & Foreign Policy

Explore the interworking of the political systems in the United States. Be a witness to history and see democracy in action.

Image of GU Summer High School
The Medicine Institute gave me a good idea of what the road to becoming a doctor is like. I also learned what other professionals in the medical field are doing in order to make advancements in society. " Michael, George Town, Cayman Islands