Summer School

Undergraduate Courses

With over 250 courses and 35 subject areas to choose from Georgetown Summer School has something for everyone. Spend your summer learning from world-renowned faculty in focused classes with students from across the country to fulfill education requirements.

Graduate Courses

Get ahead and keep your momentum in your graduate program. The small, intensive classes will help you enhance your academic research skills and allow you to pursue and develop professional areas of interest.

Language Institutes

Acquire or master skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking with language instruction that is proficiency-oriented and imparts cultural experiences and knowledge. Classes are small and students benefit from individual attention inside and outside the classroom.

Choose from the following languages:

Summer School Courses Online

Summer School now offers select undergraduate courses online during the eight-week Cross Session between June 2 and July 25, 2014. The courses feature the same content and objectives as on-campus courses offered in the fall, spring, and summer. Students may apply credit from these online courses toward their degree.

Summer School Courses Downtown

This summer, select undergraduate courses will be offered from June 2nd through July 25th, 2014 to current Georgetown students and visiting non-degree students at our convenient Chinatown location.

Community Based Learning Courses

Make an impact in the community and enroll in one of the experiential learning courses this summer. Students will practice what they learn in the classroom at a local community partner organization.


Summer School 2015

Session Dates

  • Pre-Session May 18 to June 25, 2015
  • First Session June 1 to July 3, 2015
  • Second Session July 6 to August 7, 2015