Master of Professional Studies in Systems Engineering Management

Mission and Learning Goals

Mission Statement

The Georgetown University Master’s in Systems Engineering Management program prepares students to be leaders who apply interdisciplinary systems thinking and leadership methodologies to solve complex issues facing organizations and society.

Learning Goals

Students enrolled in the program will:

  • Understand and manage the development of complex technical and organizational systems.
  • Have the ability to apply quantitative techniques and analysis in the design of enterprise systems.
  • Recognize the connections between applied engineering and practical management.
  • Analyze business problems better to formulate strategy, tactics, plans and policies.
  • Gain the ability to engage in creative problem-solving.
  • Improve on abilities to lead and manage.
  • Learn how organizations use technology for competitive advantages and to support business strategies.
  • Engage with relevant ethical principles and apply core concepts to the engineering industry throughout the program's duration.
  • Complete an applied research project.
  • Have the ability to contribute to industry innovation and research.

The ultimate goal of the program is to produce professionals who contribute to the engineering profession and to society, all while satisfying their personal goals of having stimulating and rewarding careers.  

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