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Master of Professional Studies in Systems Engineering

Master of Professional Studies in Systems Engineering

Georgetown and Stevens Institute of Technology Create New Master’s in Systems Engineering Management

Master of Professional Studies in Systems Engineering

Efficiently Manage Systems, Solve Problems, and Improve Processes

What Is Systems Engineering Management?
Systems engineering management incorporates concepts from both engineering and business to create streamlined processes for developing and managing complex systems over their lifecycles.

The individuals that work in this field are big-picture thinkers who view systems through a holistic lens, striving to improve how individual components work together in each phase with the ultimate goal of creating a successful system that meets user needs. These innovators use both left- and right-brain thinking to come up with creative solutions to everyday problems.

Georgetown’s Program
Through a partnership with Stevens Institute of Technology, Georgetown’s Master of Professional Studies in Systems Engineering Management program offers a powerful combination of theory and practice. Leveraging the strengths of these two industry leaders, the program brings together the applied management expertise of Georgetown and the engineering and technology expertise of Stevens.

The program features a curriculum rooted in application, collaboration, and innovation. Students will study complex systems around the world with a focus on practical application, exploring how various systems can be used to solve large-scale organizational and social challenges.

Georgetown’s program will not only provide students with foundational knowledge in the broad field of systems engineering, but it will also equip them with the contemporary skills and hands-on experience they need to become forward-thinking managers and leaders.

Program Features
The Systems Engineering Management program integrates the study of systems engineering, strategy, and management with hands-on creative application, providing students with a comprehensive, practical toolset that will help them excel in any industry they pursue.

Additional program features include:

  • Practical Application: Cultivate strategic thinking skills while gaining real-world experience addressing challenges that affect various industries.
  • Multidisciplinary Approach: Develop both leadership and technical skills that are essential to executing and managing high-level projects.
  • Advancement: Participate in and contribute to cutting-edge research and industry innovation.
  • Industry Experts: Learn from top systems engineering professionals who bring their experience and industry connections to the classroom.
  • A Unique Partnership: Gain top engineering and technology expertise from the Stevens Institute of Technology while developing practical, applied management skills from Georgetown University.

Who Should Apply?
Georgetown’s Systems Engineering Management program is beneficial for students from various backgrounds, and students are not required to have an engineering degree to apply. Throughout the program, students will develop many useful skills—including problem solving, decision making, communication, project management, ethics, research, and leadership—which are applicable across a wide range of disciplines.

Program Value
The goal of Georgetown’s program is to equip students with a comprehensive toolset that allows them to work across disciplinary boundaries to effectively streamline processes, manage systems, and drive innovation. Students in the program will not only develop the analytical and strategic skills needed to design, manage, and enhance multifaceted systems, but they will also develop the management and leadership skills needed for a successful career in today’s evolving workforce.

A collaboration between Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies and Stevens Institute of Technology School of Systems & Enterprises

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