Master of Professional Studies in Global Hospitality Leadership

Mission and Learning Goals

Mission Statement

The Georgetown University Master’s in Global Hospitality Leadership program sets a new standard for hospitality education through a differentiated, interdisciplinary curriculum that prepares graduates to be leaders who can shape the future of the hospitality industry. Situated in Washington, DC, a hub of the global hospitality business, the hospitality program has a faculty of industry professionals that trains students to be adaptable critical-thinkers whose practical expertise is combined with a passion for service. 

Learning Goals

Students enrolled in the MPS in Global Hospitality Leadership program will:

  • Explore the core values endemic to the hospitality industry as well as ethical issues that may arise
  • Understand how to manage complex, global networks of assets and the day-to-day operations of a hospitality organization
  • Learn hands-on finance and accounting skills that advance business interests
  • Discover how economics, current events, international affairs and the law intersect with the hospitality industry
  • Find out how to use integrated marketing communications and digital media to promote an organization’s brand and interact with its customers
  • Analyze business problems to better formulate strategies, business plans and organizational policies

It is our objective to graduate professionals who make the greatest contributions to the hospitality industry and to society all while satisfying their personal goal of a stimulating and rewarding career.

The Georgetown Difference

The Georgetown University Master’s of Professional Studies in Global Hospitality Leadership is distinguished among hospitality programs because:

  • The program is located in the Washington, D.C. region near the headquarters of some of the largest hospitality corporations – as well as boutique hotels, acclaimed restaurants, world-class venues, heritage sites and international tourism firms – offering abundant partnership and practicum opportunities.
  • More flexible and professionally focused than M.B.A., M.A. or M.S. degrees, the MPS allows for an in-depth industry-oriented approach to management education. Students move beyond theory to apply what they’ve learned to real-world situations.
  • A network of mentors and advisors facilitates students’ transitions from the academic world to the professional sphere, as does the required Capstone course.


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