Master of Professional Studies in Global Hospitality Leadership

Focus Areas

Students can choose one of two focus areas, allowing them to not only customize their learning experience, but also hone their skills in a particular area of hospitality.

To see how the courses align with each focus area, click the image below.

Global Hospitality Leadership Focus Areas

Strategic Brand and Experience

It is no doubt that today’s world operates in a brand-centric experience economy, and emerging audiences—including Millennials—have indicated that brand affinity and loyalty are a cornerstone of the hospitality industry. In fact, global companies like Marriott, Starwood, Hyatt, and Hilton have become creators and managers of brands as their primary function, rather than owning their assets. It is imperative that leaders on the marketing and brand management side of the hospitality industry understand how to measure and analyze audiences, envision core values and missions that speak to those audiences, and create brands and experiences at both the corporate and customer level that inspire guests and generate loyalty.

Full course descriptions
MPHM 600: Hospitality Brand Innovation, Experience Design, and Management
MPHM 610: Trends, Technology, and Consumer Insights in the Experience Economy
MPHM 620: Loyalty Strategy & Management
MPHM 630: Luxury and Lifestyle Brands
MPHM 642: Food and Beverage Experience Management
MPHM 644: Meetings and Events Experience Management
MPHM 650: Digital Marketing and Distribution Strategy

Strategic Planning and Development

The structure of the hospitality industry is complex, with various stakeholders involved in various phases of the development, financing, and operation of assets. Understanding the strategies and complexities behind the Owner-Operator business equation is critical for any leadership role in the industry. Capitalizing on the multitude of real estate investment trusts (REITs) and other countless hospitality ownership groups in the D.C. region, this financial and business-intensive specialty fosters a wealth of innovative partnerships, as well as opportunities for internships, mentorships, and potential career opportunities for students.

Full course descriptions
MPHM 700: Financial Management From a Hospitality Investment Perspective
MPHM 710: Feasibility, Analytics, Valuations, and Business Intelligence for Hospitality Development
MPHM 720: Principles of Hospitality Law
MPHM 730: Principles of Asset Management
MPHM 740: Revenue Management for Hospitality
MPHM 840: Local Planning and Development in Global Travel

Complementary Courses for Both Focus Areas

General Management courses supplement our focus areas with broader investigations of business, management, strategy, organizational development, entrepreneurship, and innovation as pervasive topics necessary for the hospitality leaders.

MPHM 760: Designing and Leading High-Impact Teams
MPHM 765: Applying and Developing Intentional Hospitality Leadership: ILE
MPHM 770: Entrepreneurship: Ideation, Design and Attracting Investment
MPHM 800: Global Service Standards

Independent Courses

Full course descriptions
MPHM 880: Practicum I


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