Master of Professional Studies in Global Hospitality Leadership

For Employers

Prepare Your Best Hospitality Employees for Leadership Roles

The hospitality management profession continues to evolve and expand, and traditional skills are no longer sufficient for global businesses that want to compete in the international marketplace.

Georgetown’s Master of Professional Studies in Global Hospitality Leadership provides employers with assistance in a variety of ways:

  • Developing talent-rich students: Georgetown is proud to provide businesses and organizations with access to work-ready students and alumni. Students graduate with proven results from hands-on coursework and projects done in tandem with leading hospitality organizations.
  • Training and staff development: Georgetown also offers training and skills development for teams, departments, and organizations of hospitality professionals. Organizations can take advantage of the standard Global Hospitality Leadership program offerings or they can work directly with Georgetown to design a customized training program that meets their specific organizational goals.

Unlike other hospitality educational programs, Georgetown’s curriculum has been developed to teach students the critical thinking skills and innovative business strategies they need to become impactful leaders in the modern-day hospitality industry. Georgetown’s Global Hospitality Leadership program prioritizes:

  • Learning from leading practitioners in the field.
  • Offering dynamic learning environments.
  • Ensuring that students strike the right balance between educational and professional demands through flexible class schedules and coursework tied to practical scenarios.

The Master's in Global Hospitality Leadership prepares employees for leadership roles and provides them with the skills they need to add value to any organization. 

Collaborate with Georgetown
As this program strongly emphasizes the link between academics and the field, Georgetown is always in search of industry leaders who are passionate about education and sharing their knowledge and experiences with the future leaders of the hospitality business.

Potential options for industry collaborators:

  • Faculty Lecturer or Co-Lecturer
  • Guest Speaker
  • Panelist
  • Internship Provider
  • Mentor/Advisor for Capstone
  • Brand Partner for Student Competitions, Projects, Case Studies


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