Dog Tag BakeryThe Georgetown Center for Continuing & Professional Education (CCPE) in the School of Continuing Studies has partnered with the Dog Tag Bakery to teach business and leadership skills to veterans and wounded warriors.

The Dog Tag Bakery Mission

The Dog Tag Bakery is a D.C-based nonprofit that trains newly-transitioned veterans with disabilities to become entrepreneurs. Located on Grace Street in Georgetown, the Dog Tag Bakery plans to open its first retail store this fall.

The organization offers veterans a six-month paid fellowship, which includes staffing the bakery, taking classes, and job placement. Beyond baking and catering, Dog Tag Bakery fellows gain valuable hands-on experience running a business, from marketing to financing to product development.

Preparing for Success at Georgetown

To ensure its employees have the business acumen to run a business, Dog Tag Bakery partnered with Georgetown SCS to customize its Certificate in Business Administration for its fellows. In addition to studying business fundamentals such as marketing, accounting, and finance, Dog Tag Bakery fellows learn statistics, entrepreneurship, and effective business communication. They also meet with industry experts to gain insight into careers across a variety of professions and industries, from technology to nonprofit management to real estate. The goal is to combine the knowledge gained in class with practical real-world skills to create a powerful learning experience that enables veterans to attain their career goals.

The first cohort kicked off in July 2014. The Dog Tag Bakery is thinking big as it seeks to create a model that can be replicated across the country. Don’t be surprised to see a Dog Tag franchise near you in the future.

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