Center for Continuing and Professional Education

Meet Your CCPE Success Team

Leadership and Administration

Amy Levine CCPE Assistant Dean

Amy Levine
Senior Assistant Dean, Center for Continuing and Professional Education
Motivated to provide a Georgetown experience to local, national and international professionals of all levels. Serving our student population is the perfect hybrid of delivering rigorous higher education, developing programs to meet market demand, and supporting continuous professional development.

Admissions and Enrollment Management

Monique Hawkins CCPE Assistant Director

Monique Hawkins
Assistant Director, Enrollment Management
Certifying Official of Veterans Benefits

I love the fact that one-day I am working with a Veteran who studies Corporate Finance, and the next day I am working on enrollment strategies. No two days are alike. I wish I could bottle the energy that I feel when speaking with a passionate student that believes in the power of continuing education! It’s hope, excitement and promise in its purest form. Lifelong learning is such a gift, and to be able to not only watch it happen every day, but also be a part of it, is so rewarding!

Shani Sutton CCPE Enrollment Manager

Shani Sutton
Enrollment Manager
Working with students is the best part of my day!  Every person has a unique story, and I love that the university setting encourages all those stories to come together and become an impressive whole. Being a part of something that changes people’s lives for the better is an amazing experience. I am humbled by the remarkable things that go on here every day, and I am proud to help support such a unique and transformative place.

Academic Programs and Student & Faculty Services

Jeffrey Warner CCPE Professional Certificates Director

Jeffrey Warner
Director, Professional Certificate Programs
We live in a time where knowledge is the currency of success. A part of the mission of our Georgetown University academic community is to create and communicate knowledge. It is a great honor to work with a team that is dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience to each of our students, so they can achieve their dreams, hopes, and aspirations.

Lynn Screen ITL Program Director

Lynn Screen
Program Director, Institute for Transformational Leadership
Enabling the development and transformation of leaders so that they can build a better future for their organizations and themselves. Are you ready to feel the power of the ITL?

Hernando Zambrano Assistant Director

Hernando Zambrano
Assistant Director, Institute for Transformational Leadership
It's a pleasure to support and work together with the faculty directors throughout every cohort. It is very gratifying to see the talent and experience our students bring to the classroom, and to know that once they complete their program they will use those tools to become better leaders within their organization or go help others become better leaders at the national and international level -- which in the end will help make our world a better place.

Julia Murillo CCPE Custom Programs Director

Julia Murillo
Director, Custom Education
Hearing from participants in our custom education programs about their "aha moments" and how excited they are to apply what they've learned in their jobs is what motivates me to work at CCPE. I'm proud to be able to support the practice of lifelong learning through creative custom education experiences.

Sanea Pinkey Custom Education Coordinator

Sanéa A. Pinkney
Program Coordinator, Custom Education
I support custom education programs and a very unique team at CCPE. I enjoy supporting faculty and students and the most enjoyable aspects of my job is the collective work of my peers and I, changing lives. It is impactful for me to observe student accomplishments and their sense of pride when they have completed a program. It is also beneficial for me to work with international students from all walks of life, that also teach and impact me as an ever evolving life-long learner. 


Matt Pearson CCPE Assistant Director

Matt Pearson
Assistant Director, Operations
Optimizing Programs, Developing People. Drives the development and maintenance of efficient and effective operations structures to allow our faculty and staff to focus providing high quality continuing education opportunities to our students.

Jennifer Smirniotopoulos CCPE Operations Manager

Jennifer Smirniotopoulos
Operations Manager
Spreadsheet and organization guru. It is amazing to witness a team of innovative and talented individuals at CCPE make a profound impact on students and faculty. In this role, I get the opportunity to make that same impact by providing day-to-day operational support.

Communications and Outreach

Tanya Ilse Assistant Director of Communications

Tanya Ilse
Assistant Director, Communications and Outreach
Serving in the role of community manager to support CCPE’s growing community of students (online and on-ground), alumni, faculty, and industry partners. Have thoughts on something you saw on our website or blog? I welcome your questions, comments, or smart remarks.  

Student Accounts

Kelly Mason Student Accounts Manager

Kelly Mason
Student Accounts Manager
Provides financial support for students inquiring about completing their registration for Non-credit certificate programs.  It is always gratifying to serve such a diverse student base and being involved in furthering their educational endeavors.

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