Semester in Washington, D.C. Program

Digital Communications, New Media and Social Change - Fall/Spring

How the Internet is changing governments

The ability to transform politics and societies is no longer solely dependent on individuals with traditional means of power. Now, the ability to transform and upend political norms, institutions, conventions and power centers is just one click away—on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. This “click revolution” has forever changed how we interact with one another because each of us has the power to spark bold change—both negative and positive, small and revolutionary. This subject area places a special emphasis on understanding this central point: that utilizing the power of the Internet and technology isn’t just about hardware or the web, it’s also about understanding the importance of strategy and what we say, how, when and where.

Fall/Spring Semester Structure

  • Academic seminar Mondays and Fridays, 9 credits
  • Internship Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, plus accompanying internship class, 3 credits
  • Research seminar, 3 credits

In total, students will earn 15 credits in the Fall or Spring Semester in Washington Program. The Fall and Spring program is for full-time students only.

Course Faculty: Chris Kofinis, PhD

During his career, Chris Kofinis, PhD has worked as a Democratic strategist, a campaign consultant, a communications advisor to major corporations and, most recently, as Chief of Staff to U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin III. He has served as senior advisor and national communications director on presidential campaigns and as the senior strategist and media advisor to Greece’s PASOK party. During the 2010 election cycle, he was the senior communications consultant for the Democratic Governor’s Association (DGA). Dr. Kofinis is also a regular national commentator on congressional and presidential politics and elections. Throughout his career, he has appeared frequently on MSNBC, FOX News, CNBC, FOX Business, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC and Bloomberg TV.

Dr. Kofinis is joining the Semester in Washington, DC faculty in fall 2013 and will be teaching the course, “Digital Communications, New Media and Social Change”. The course focuses on the array of strategic challenges involved with using and exploiting the immense and dynamic power of the internet and technology in government, social movements, the private sector and society in general. He will explore what he refers to as the “click revolution,” made up of people who are living via the Internet, smartphones and tablets. The course also examines how new technologies like Google Glass, and cutting-edge websites and tools like Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter, could lead us into a new transformative era of social and political change.

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