Semester in Washington, DC Program

Religion and Political Culture - Summer

As part of Georgetown's Semester in Washington Program, students have a unique opportunity to study Religion and Political Culture in one of the most culturally and politically vibrant cities in the world. Exploring all angles of this complex interplay, students learn directly from today's religious, political, and academic leaders.

The program draws upon the strengths and resources of Georgetown University and the nation's capital to create an unparalleled learning experience. Rooted in the Jesuit tradition, Georgetown's Semester in Washington Program in Religion and Politics examines the complexities underlying public policy in a rich educational environment. Theory comes to life for students as they engage with key legislative staff, policy makers, and elected officials, as well as leaders of powerful religious interest groups, lobbyists, and policy experts.

Over the course of the summer semester, students closely examine religion's influence on policy-making, past and present, including religion's impact on voting behavior, the pro-life pro-choice debate, gay marriage, and other timely debates. Seminars led by Georgetown faculty and small-group discussions provide in-depth insight into the influential role of religion in American politics. Internships allow students to put knowledge to action and gain valuable hands-on experience with a leading Washington employer. In the accompanying internship class, students mix theory with practice, reach beyond the work at their selected organizations, and reflect on the ethical and leadership implications of their internships and the role that their work can have on larger society.

Summer Semester Structure

In total, students earn 6 credits in the Semester in Washington Program. (Please note enrollment guidelines for international students.)

Internship and Academic Seminar (3 credits total)

  • Internship: Mondays through Fridays (all day)
  • Academic Seminar: Once a week, in the morning

Research Seminar (3 credits)

  • Once a week, in the evening

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