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Medical and Healthcare Programs

Patient Navigation

Program Description

Patient navigation is widely used in various healthcare settings to enhance service delivery and improve patient satisfaction and outcomes. The Certificate in Patient Navigationis designed to prepare individuals to successfully navigate patients through the healthcare system over the course of a treatment plan.This program will help individuals act as a liaison between patients and their healthcare team and serve as a guide and advocate. The Certificate in Patient Navigation teaches skills essential to the safe and effective movement of a patient across the care continuum, improved self-management of patient care,and enhanced patient-practitioner communication.

The Jesuit value of cura personalis (care for the whole person) is both integral to the core values of Georgetown University and to the goals of a patient navigator working to promote wellness by addressing the mind, body, and spirit. A patient navigator understands that there is a great deal of diversity among patients and that each patient requires a personalized plan unique to their needs and goals. This certificate provides formalized patient navigation education with a focus on holistic care.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the Certificate in Patient Navigation, participants will be able to:

  • Define patient navigation and the various roles and responsibilities
  • Understand the history, purpose, and goals of patient navigation
  • Successfully communicate and interview patients to assess barriers to care
  • Guide patients, caregivers, and family members through a treatment plan with the goal of improving patient outcomes
  • Provide physical, emotional, and social support to patients following a treatment plan
  • Understand health resources including publicly funded health insurance programs and health delivery systems
  • Record and evaluate the effectiveness of patient navigation
  • Understand the implications of the Affordable Care Act and the future of patient navigation

Course Sequence

Designed For

  • Healthcare professionals seeking a career transition or advancement
  • Current patient navigators seeking formal training, further skills, and/or a deeper understanding of their roles and responsibilities
  • Health administration or health allied professionals interested in learning about patient navigation, as well as a desire to expand their own skillset and role within healthcare
  • Individuals seeking to join the healthcare field as a patient navigator or serve as a caregiver
  • Anyone interested in learning about patient navigation in the healthcare setting and the associated skills and knowledge

Program Format

The Certificate in Patient Navigation combines traditional classroom learning with hands-on experience. Participants will be engaged in active application of the course content through role-play, modeling, case studies, and self study. The program includes four courses and a total of 60 hours.

The certificate is an open-enrollment program. No application is required. The four courses are designed to build upon each other culminating in a capstone experience; however, each course also stands alone as a delivery of tailored knowledge and skills available for independent enrollment.

Program participants are expected to:

  • Engage in practical application of program content
  • Participate in class and online discussions
  • Apply course content through role-play and case studies
  • Complete a self-study assignment

Program Schedule

Each course meets on Friday and Saturday from 8:30 am-5:30 pm. There are two courses in the first month and then one per month following.

Program Prerequisites

Participants in the certificate program must hold a bachelor's degree or the equivalent. Any requests for exceptions to these requirements must be made in writing to the program director.

Program Requirements

Successful completion of all four courses, for a total of 60 hours, is required to receive the Certificate in Patient Navigation. All four courses must be completed in sequence and within 6 months of the first class meeting (the certificate is designed to be completed in 3 months).


Courses are $995.00 (12 hrs) and $1095.00 (16 hrs). Tuition for the full certificate is $4,280.00. Full payment is due at the time of enrollment and is subject to our refund policy (refer to Resources and Policies for details). An interest free payment plan is available, which divides the full tuition cost into three installments between registration and program completion. Third party payment is also available if an employer has arranged to cover a percentage or all of the tuition costs.

These prices do not include associated course costs, such as textbooks and supplies.


The faculty who teach in the Certificate in Patient Navigation are leaders and experts in the healthcare system with a passion for teaching and making contributions to the field.

Contact Us

For more information or to speak to program staff, please fill out a Request Information form or call 202-687-2246.

  Required Courses 
Minimum Required:  0.0  Courses
    XMED-500   Patient Navigation Fundamentals
    XMED-501   Building the Patient-Patient Navigator Partnership
    XMED-502   Developing the Patient Navigation Skill Set
    XMED-503   Patient Navigation in Practice