Students & Alumni

Professional Development & Career Resources

The School of Continuing Studies fosters an environment in which professional development and career resources are approached holistically. Curricula, coursework, events, and programs are all designed to deepen students’ understanding of their field, hone their professional skills, and inform their thinking on the type of practitioners and professionals they want to be.

Intentionally Designed Curricula

Each degree program is intentionally designed by expert practitioners to respond to the evolving demands of their industry.  Foundation, concentration, and elective courses provide students with the opportunity to gain breadth and depth of industry knowledge with theoretical underpinnings.

As the demand for Master of Professional Studies (MPS) Degrees is on the rise, students will fully benefit from the program design that informs each of our degree programs.

A Faculty of Expert Practitioners

Students within SCS have the benefit of being taught by a faculty of expert practitioners who are passionate leaders within their fields. SCS faculty members represent a wide body of knowledge that ranges from traditional research interests to applied professional experiences. Through their classroom experiences and coursework, students have an opportunity to build relationships with these faculty practitioners who can offer insights and guidance about their field of study.

Program Engagement

Program leaders design events and activities to provide students with the opportunity to expand their professional knowledge, to consider possible career paths and interests, and to engage with alumni and professionals within their fields. 

Professional Development within the Greater Georgetown Community

The Cawley Career Center and Alumni Career Services offer events, workshops, webinars, and resources to current SCS students and alumni to support them throughout the various stages of their professional development. Students are encouraged to take the initiative in seeking out career resources and professional development opportunities offered by their programs, SCS, and the greater Georgetown University community.