Department of Senior Citizen Non-Degree Auditor Program

Senior Citizen Non-Degree Auditor Program

Georgetown offers opportunities for people over 65 years of age to audit undergraduate-level courses (course numbers 400 and lower). These courses are open on a "space available" basis with the consent of the professor for a tuition of $50 per course plus course fees, if indicated.

We typically recommend that auditors take lecture-style courses. As an auditor, you will not submit any coursework for review or grading purposes. Please note that you are eligible to request to audit only the undergraduate courses offered by the departments, and you must receive the professor's approval provided there is space available in the course. You may not request to audit the lower-language learning levels (100–200 levels) of the language departments, studio fine arts, computer science, science with labs, seminar courses, or any of the evening Liberal Studies degree program courses.