CCPE 2015 Tropaia Award Winners


Every year the School of Continuing Studies celebrates the outstanding contributions and achievements of students, faculty, staff and an alumnus or alumna at the Tropaia* Awards Ceremony. We are happy to announce that this year’s Tropaia Ceremony includes members of the CCPE community.

We would like to introduce the 2015 award winners:

Outstanding Student: Rebecca Bilbro, Data Analytics

Rebecca is a professional who is devoted to continual education both for the sake of a career and for the sake of knowledge. Rebecca previously worked for the Department of Labor as a program analyst for the Deputy Secretary for OSHA, Dr. David Michaels. As a result of achieving the Certificate in Data Analytics at Georgetown University, she was promoted to be the first Data Scientist of OSHA. This promotion was a direct result of her focus on studies during the certificate program, both in and out of the classroom, as Rebecca previously had little technical experience.

Her drive and determination to learn programming in Python as well as statistical techniques led her to develop, with her capstone team, the OSHA Data Door. Even with the advent of and the mandate by President Obama that all agencies provide data, OSHA data sets are notoriously difficult to obtain. Her software, now publicly available and sponsored by the Department of Labor, gives analysts direct access to workforce safety data, allowing for greater insights and analytics than previously possible. She, along with her project partner, Bala Venkatassen, presented OSHA Data Door to the DC Data Community this month, and included the CIO of the Department of Labor, as well as Dr. Michaels himself. 

Outstanding Faculty: Kelly O'Connor, Project Management

Kelly O'Connor's leadership, guidance, involvement, excitement and commitment truly made the Project Management Online program launch successfully. When conversations about moving to the online modality first came up, Kelly inquired to learn more. In full disclosure, she shared this was different than anything she had ever done, but she was interested in adapting our current program to be successful and reach students wherever they were in their learning spectrum. Kelly wanted to do anything she could in order to help. As a natural leader, Kelly enables her students, both current and former, to accomplish competencies, think critically, and maintain engaged with the Georgetown and project management communities. She is consistently adapting her curriculum and materials in the Project Management Fundamentals course, and aligning coursework within the entire certificate program in order to give students the best possible educational experience. 

Kelly is a clear demonstration of Cura Personalis as she aims to bring our classroom material to students in a way that will be most useful in their professional lives. She's comfortable sharing her own professional path and consistently bringing world-class experience and professional guests to better the student experience. Georgetown's Certificate in Project Management is academically stronger, more current for today's project management world.

Congratulations to our outstanding student and faculty for 2015!

*The word Tropaia is ancient Greek and referred to a monument constructed to celebrate a military victory. The Romans continued the tradition by constructing columns or triumphal arches. Today it essentially means trophy.

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