Summer Programs for High School Students

Fundamentals of Economics

Session II: July 5 - August 8, 2015

1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Monday - Friday
3:15 p.m. - 4:45 p.m. Monday - Friday

Learn about key economic principles as you study topics ranging from price controls and market structure to production and inflation.  Case studies and small group work allow students to apply their interpretive and analytical skills and acquire new knowledge in a hands-on setting.  Students will gain exposure to basic concepts and theories in microeconomics and macroeconomics and will complete the summer with a solid foundation for future college-level economics courses.

Core Topics Covered*

  • Market failure
  • Financial markets
  • Inflation
  • Consumer behavior
  • Price determination
  • Supply and demand
  • Investment strategies
  • Production and costs
  • Growth
  • International trade
  • Economic measurement

Hands-on Experience*

  • Learn from Georgetown professors and field experts
  • Engage in topical case studies
  • Tackle problem sets with classmates

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* Core topics and hands-on experiences are subject to change.

Faculty Biography
Maggie Liu, Academic Director
Maggie Liu is returning as the Academic Director for Fundamentals of Economics at Georgetown University for a third time.  Ms. Lui graduated from The College of William and Mary in 2010, with a double major in Mathematics and Economics. Her college honor thesis investigated a two-patch Rosenzweig-MacArthur system describing predator-prey interactions, and she applied the research results to explain and clarify the Paradox of Enrichment in ecological studies. Maggie started her graduate studies in Economics at Georgetown University in the fall of 2010. She was interested in Labor Economics, especially migration and human capital accumulation in developing economies. She is currently working on a research project that focuses on college graduates’ domestic migration decision in China.