Executive Master's in Emergency & Disaster Management

Mission & Learning Goals

04 Apr 12-1pm ET
Programs in Emergency & Disaster Management Webinar  

Mission Statement

The Georgetown University EMPS in Emergency & Disaster Management program prepares students for leadership positions in emergency management through experiential learning, which focuses on critical thinking, decision-making, and ethical leadership.

Learning Goals

Upon successfully completing the Executive MPS in Emergency & Disaster Management, you will:

  • Creative and Critical Thinking: Critically evaluate the policies and practices of emergency and disaster management to generate professional recommendations for disaster prevention and future crisis management.
  • Global Competence: Integrate social and cultural aspects of disaster preparedness and response in designing solutions to serve and collaborate with diverse global actors in intercultural settings.
  • Ethical Reasoning and Values: Develop effective practices for working within the parameters of local, state, federal, and international rules, regulations, and procedures to respond ethically, and in a humanitarian manner, to emergencies and disasters.
  • Applied Problem Solving: Combine theory, industry knowledge and practice, and research to create and implement a range of emergency and disaster management strategies.
  • Information Literacy: Analyze and interpret data from a variety of reliable, credible, and valid sources to inform data-driven decision-making and resource management.
  • Technological Competency: Creatively use relevant technologies to prevent, detect, respond to and recover from emergency situations.
  • Communication: Analyze cultural and behavioral communication perspectives to develop effective communication strategies using relevant technologies.