Career Outlook

A multi-billion dollar global industry, hospitality comprises a range of diverse offerings—including hotels and resorts, food services, clubs, casinos, events and meetings, as well as aspects of healthcare, transportation, and residential development. The field has an optimistic growth outlook, a large population of professionals, and a relatively high demand for degrees.

A blend of product- and service-based offerings, hospitality presents unique challenges for organizations big and small. For large companies, the scope and complexity of their operations require professionals to create effective and sustainable strategies to market and manage diverse services and products. Smaller hospitality companies and entrepreneurs, on the other hand, must cope with high consumer expectations and build brand recognition while still overseeing day-to-day planning and operations.

Employees working in the hospitality industry must be savvy, service-oriented professionals as well as expert operations managers. Given the global nature of the industry, it’s also critical that today’s hospitality professionals possess a holistic understanding of how their brand interfaces with the global marketplace.

This section has testimonials from current students and alumni.
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    This is a program where application is the true cornerstone for learning. The faculty members are thought leaders and accomplished professionals in the industry who support the self-development and career goals of every student.”

    Dr. Mia Mulrennan, Faculty Master's in Global Hospitality Leadership

The Global Hospitality Leadership program prepares you for success in this dynamic industry. You’ll leave the program with a mastery of the core management areas of operations, finance, marketing, and communications as well as the advanced leadership capabilities that today’s employers demand. Graduates of our program are positioned to assume a wide range of roles within the hospitality industry, including:

  • General Manager
  • Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Hotel Manager
  • Director of Operations
  • Manager of Food and Beverage
  • Director of Passenger Experience
  • Guest Services Manager
  • Restaurant Owner
  • Franchise Owner
  • Asset Manager
  • Director of Communications
  • Development Director
  • Manager of Guest Experience
  • Tourism Marketing Consultant
  • Director of Brand Management
  • Events Manager
  • Entertainment Director
  • Hospitality and Leisure Manager
  • Managing Director of Travel Agency
  • Director of Hospitality