Student Profile

As a student in the Global Hospitality Leadership program, you’ll join an impassioned community of individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and insights.

Our students bring distinct academic and professional experiences from hotels to food and beverage, meetings, airlines, and other subsets of a continuously evolving hospitality industry. Most students enter the program with prior experience in the hospitality industry, though some of our students join the program seeking to change careers altogether.

Job Titles of students in the program

  • City Director of Revenue Management
  • Director of Events and Protocol
  • Assistant Food and Beverage Manager
  • Senior Manager, Global Meeting Services
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Corporate Director of Sales
  • Manager, Corporate Relations
  • Design Manager
  • Senior Vice President, Sales, Revenue Management, and Digital Strategies
  • Head Butler

Industries/sectors/types of organizations where students are currently employed

  • Hotel Management Companies and Ownership Groups
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Country Clubs
  • Spas
  • Hotel Properties
  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare
  • Meetings and Events

Geographic Location

  • D.C.
  • Virginia
  • New York
  • Maryland
  • Florida
  • Texas
  • United Kingdom
  • Indonesia
  • Nigeria

This section has testimonials from current students and alumni.
  • Headshot of Carol Brooks, Faculty

    More times than I can count, I've been completely blown away by the perspective we gain on a topic by combining the business and life experiences of the students and the instructors in our classroom discussions. As a leader (or an aspiring leader) in the hospitality industry, if you want to broaden your perspective and insights, your interactions with this diverse group of industry practitioners will definitely offer you that opportunity.”

    Carol Brooks, Faculty Master's in Global Hospitality Leadership

The diversity of our student body contributes to an enriching and engaging classroom experience, in which you’ll have the opportunity to learn with—and from—your peers. Whether on campus or across our global professional network, you’ll learn alongside analytical and ambitious scholars and business executives who share an attraction for imagination and an aspiration to shape the hospitality industry for the future.