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Hubert Kelley

Bert Kelley consults with GeorgetownAdvisory.com and has advised on legal and business matters for more than twenty years, practicing in both corporate and law firm settings.Since 1990, he has served as counsel for the Kabool Group of companies (headquartered in Asia, 10,000+ employees worldwide) overseeing matters in the areas of litigation, venture capital investment and business development, dispute resolution, employment, contracts, commercial and regulatory law.

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In addition, he has served as counsel for the non-profit Institute for Injury Reduction.

Mr. Kelley has served on the undergraduate and graduate faculties at both Georgetown University and University of Maryland teaching business law and related subjects. His research on legal and business issues has appeared in Law and Policy (Blackwell Oxford Publishing, England), on the CBS News and other media and publications. Mr. Kelley also holds a patent on the Liblex business method for online legal content management.

Mr. Kelley graduated Princeton University with a B.A. in economics, earned his J.D. at Vanderbilt Law School (Dean's Award Honors) and has been admitted to practice law in the District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and California. Mr. Kelley is a registered Virginia Limited Liability Company (Hubert Kelley LLC, on file with the Virginia Corporations Commission).

Mr. Kelley may be reached by phone at 202.630.8233 or by e-mail at bk@georgetownadvisory.com .