Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Undergraduate Certificates

14 Dec 12-1pm ET
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The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program also offers two credit-bearing undergraduate certificates: Business & Entrepreneurship (online only) and Critical Analysis & Applied Ethics. You can read more about them below. An undergraduate certificate can be completed in two to three semesters. It can be taken as a standalone credential or, once completed, the 18 credits can be used toward earning a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies degree. 

Tuition for the 18-credit undergraduate certificate program is $400 per credit hour*. Undergraduate certificate students are not eligible for degree-seeking scholarships.

How to Apply

If you are interested in earning an undergraduate certificate, click the Apply Now button on this page. For questions, please email

Online Business & Entrepreneurship Undergraduate Certificate 

Entirely online, the Business & Entrepreneurship Undergraduate Certificate will prepare you with the skills you need to become an ethical leader in a variety of professional environments. Ideal for individuals who currently work in business-related fields or those who want to pursue a career in business, the certificate offers flexible options to take classes on campus or online. You’ll build a foundational understanding of practical business knowledge, including techniques for identifying business opportunities and effectively applying skills in the areas of accounting, marketing, finance, and management. Students who successfully complete this certificate—and choose to enroll in and complete the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies—will also be awarded the Generalist Credential badge, a credential established by the Capital CoLAB through the Greater Washington Partnership Initiative

To earn the Business & Entrepreneurship Undergraduate Certificate, you must successfully complete the following six online courses (18 credits):

  • BLHV 231: Ethical Leadership 
  • BLHV 232: Introduction to Business 
  • BLHS 227: Business Statistics 
  • BLHS 229: Principles of Accounting 
  • BLHS 228: Financial Management 
  • BLHS 299: Introduction to Marketing 

Critical Analysis & Applied Ethics Undergraduate Certificate

The Critical Analysis & Applied Ethics Undergraduate Certificate will provide you with foundational critical reading, writing, and analytical skills. Through a combination of cross-disciplinary courses—primarily spanning the humanities and social sciences—you’ll learn the components of arguments through literature, philosophical texts, and structural analyses of positions and supporting evidence. You’ll also study the complexity of ethical standards and value systems in professional and personal realms while examining their relationship to culture, politics, and personal experience. 

To earn the Critical Analysis & Applied Ethics Undergraduate Certificate, you must successfully complete six courses (18 credits), available online or on-campus. You’ll have the option to choose your own combination of courses, based on your interests and course availability. Courses listed on the Course Schedule page will include a notation under the description indicating whether the course is eligible for this certificate. Examples include: 

  • BLHS 010: Religion and the Word 
  • BLHS 011: Ancient Mediterranean: Cultural Encounters
  • BLHS 046: Philosophy of Gender, Love, Sex
  • BLHS 061: The Human Condition
  • BLHS 077: Humanities Encounters 
  • BLHV 231: Ethical Leadership 

*Tuition rates for each term are published annually, typically in February. Total tuition listed here reflects Fall semester of entry.