Course Schedule for Fall 2018



Global Leadership & Comm

GSC students start their year long cohort based learning experience with an in-depth analysis of the increasingly complex and global role of communication leaders. Students learn directly from our distinguished faculty as well as a series of high level guest speakers who can speak to the role of the chief communications officer. The first course also offers students the first opportunity within the program to examine their own leadership style, personal branding, and to identify their strengths as part of the larger leadership development process. The corresponding first residency is designed to immerse the group into the challenges and opportunities of communications leadership positions, with particular emphasis on the impact of new technology and globalization on these roles. While in residency, the students have the opportunity to explore their individual values and start applying them to the situations that communicators in leadership positions face on a daily basis. A highlight of the residency is a global crisis communications case study.

Note: Students are required to be on-site in Washington, DC for the 9-hour daily September 25-29, 2018 residency. Students must receive a B or better to graduate.


Global Strategy Management

The second course is designed to allow students to explore communications planning and management, build a deeper understanding of the diverse nature of stakeholder engagement, and introduce some of the best global practices and models of strategic communications. Additionally, students are given tools to begin to understand and analyze their global awareness and ability to lead across cultures. The corresponding one-week on-site residency will be in London, U.K., is designed to give the students access to global communicators and firms that are actively managing stakeholders, global brands, and operating around the world. Particular emphasis is placed on the UK media landscape while also looking more broadly in the EMEA region.

Note: Students are required to be on-site in London, UK for the 9-hour daily November 12-16, 2018 residency.