Program in Executive Master's in Global Strategic Communications

Course Schedule for Spring 2019

The Executive Master’s in Global Strategic Communications will not be running this fall 2019. Please visit the pages of our other marketing and communications degree offerings for programs being offered.



Adapting to the Future

The fourth course focuses on the various ways that communication leaders are adapting to the future. Critical areas such as digital, corporate shared responsibility, social impact, cross cultural campaigns, and employee engagement are covered by subject matter experts. Time is spent understanding the media landscape in Latin America in anticipation of traveling to São Paulo, Brazil for the residency program. In addition, students are continuing to work on their year-long leadership development planning process by exploring the role of Mindful Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. While in residency, students address market-specific communications and management challenges. Our global faculty help students understand how to balance global consideration with local execution. This experience is framed in the broader understanding of social impact. The corresponding case study requires students to adapt an existing communications campaign strategy to the needs of an emerging market. The development process for this requires students to understand the market, including social and traditional media.

Note: Students are required to attend an on-site residency in Brazil from April 29-May 3, 2019.


Impacting Business Success

By the time students arrive to our third course, the case for the lead communicator to become increasingly business savvy is clear. The third course immerses students in the various ways that communication leaders should aim to impact the business success of their organization and provides a solid foundation in how today’s communicators deliver tangible value toward the financial health of an organization. In addition to understanding how to use data and simplify complex information, participants learn how to collaborate with specialists to effectively communicate to investors. During course three, students are paired with an executive coach, who works with them throughout the duration of the program to help them develop a deeper understanding of their own leadership style and aspirations. The corresponding residency is held in the Republic of Singapore where students gain a broader global perspective through the lens of top communications officers, business executives, thought leaders, and educators from around the world. While in residency, the students also learn about the media landscape in Asia and the unique role Singapore plays as the Asia Pacific hub for many leading global brands. The course culminates in a presentation, which requires students to distill and deliver financial information to the media and directly to investors.

Note: Students are required to attend an on-site residency abroad in The Republic of Singapore from February 19-23, 2019.