To earn an EMPS in Global Strategic Communications, you must successfully complete 5 courses (30 credits total). Each course combines online learning activities with on-site residencies. You'll progress through the one-year program as a cohort, with classes beginning in the fall of the academic year.

During each of the five courses, the cohort comes together for a five-day residency that integrates critical-thinking exercises, hands-on practice, and engagements with some of the world’s top industry experts and organizations. In between these residencies, you’ll engage in real-time online study, developing a deeper understanding of key concepts and industry best practices through individual coursework, readings, and group discussions.

Residency Travel Schedule 2018–2019*

Global Leadership & Communications | Washington, D.C. | September 25–29, 2018

Study the complexities of communications management for global organizations and work closely with an executive coach to identify personal values, leadership style, and aspirations.

Global Strategy & Management | London, UK | November 12–16, 2018

Explore best practices for strategic planning and global communications management, with an emphasis on stakeholder engagement and the integration of digital tools.

Impacting Business Success | Republic of Singapore | February 19–23, 2019

Understand how to add value toward the financial health of an organization through analyzing and communicating business performance, collaborating with specialists across departments, and effectively managing investor relations.

Adapting to the Future | São Paulo, Brazil | April 29–May 3, 2019

Examine market-specific communications and management challenges, understanding how to balance global consideration with local execution by adapting a campaign strategy to the needs of an emerging market.

Advisor, Educator, Integrator (Capstone) | Washington, D.C. | August 6–10, 2019

Work with a client to integrate a communications strategy across diverse global markets while performing the multifaceted roles of advisor, educator, and integrator.

To participate in the program, you must be on-site for each course’s five-day residency. Six nights of lodging and some meals are covered by regular tuition; however, you will be expected to make and finance your own transportation arrangements for each course’s on-site venue. Students are individually responsible for acquiring any necessary visas for international residency locations. Before applying, students are encouraged to research visa regulations for the residency locations of their prospective program, to be sure they will be able to obtain any necessary visas for the required travel components.

*All information—including statements of tuition and fees, course offerings, locations, dates, and deadlines—is subject to change without notice or obligation.