Program in Executive Master's in Global Strategic Communications

Leadership Coaches

The Executive Master’s in Global Strategic Communications will not be running this fall 2019. Please visit the pages of our other marketing and communications degree offerings for programs being offered.

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One of the guiding principles of GSC is the belief that knowing yourself is key to leadership development. The process starts with the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment designed to unlock each student’s individual strengths. Students gain insights about their top Strengths Themes, as well as a full report on the sequence of their 34 themes of talents.

To facilitate the deeper understanding, students are paired with a certified leadership coach and encouraged to develop a partnership. Working one-on-one, in pairs, and in group settings, students engage in exercises, self-reflection activities, and new practices designed to build their self-awareness over the course of the year. The culmination of their work is the development of an individual Leadership Development Plan.