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John Laine

Dr. John Laine has over 25 years of professional experience to include over 10 years in the emergency management field.

Photo of John Laine

Dr. Laine worked as an intern / advisor at President William Jefferson Clinton Foundation when President Clinton was assigned as the United Nations Special Envoy for the Far East 2004 Tsunami. In 2006 Dr. Laine was the founding member of The Urban and Interfaith Center for Disaster Management, a 503.c organization that was focusing on the developing disaster preparedness initiatives for the interfaith and community based organizations. In 2008, Dr. Laine joined Booz Allen Hamilton as a senior consultant, his primary responsibilities were to support the development of National Level Exercises (NLE) for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Exercise Division. Dr. Laine joined United States Department of the Treasury as the Lead Program Manager for their Test, Training and Exercise (TTE) program. Dr. Laine led the Department exercise participation for NLE 2010, 2011, and 2012. Dr. Laine joined FEMA Recovery Directorate in 2012, where he led the Continuity of Operations planning efforts for the entire directorate. In 2015, Dr. Laine was appointed as the TTE Program Lead for the Department of Commerce (DOC). Dr. Laine leads all exercise and corrective action efforts for DOC. Dr. Laine graduated with his Masters of Public Administration Degree with a focus on Emergency and Disaster Management in 2006 from Metropolitan College of New York. In 2006, Dr. Laine studied at Israel Military Institute Academy for Security and Anti-Terror Training in Tel Aviv, Israel. Dr. Laine completed his doctorate studies at Walden University in 2016.