Course Schedule for Spring 2018




  • Course #: MPPP-900-201
  • CRN: 33820
  • Format: Online
  • Instructor: Moschoglou, G.
  • Dates: Mar 14 – May 07, 2018


Converting Strategic Plans

This course explores methods for gaining a strategic perspective. A large percentage of the portfolio manager’s role is to understand the strategic intent and deliver that intent in a tactical format via project and program delivery. This course demonstrates what it takes to improve organizational alignment and deliver on strategic objectives. Students learn the framework for strategic execution, which incorporates a full range of proven approaches and emerging concepts for aligning project and program initiatives with strategic objectives. Learning objectives for this course include creating an aligned way of thinking and behaving to support full strategy execution to bridge the gap between strategic plans and individual daily work. Students learn how to apply a process view to strategy execution; communicate priorities and change in a simple and compelling way; create and align smaller, achievable projects and initiatives; engage and prepare individuals and teams to accomplish strategic goals; apply best practices and frameworks to address execution challenges; ensure discipline in measuring performance and managing accountabilities; identify and reduce organizational barriers to strategic execution; formulate approaches for improving alignment between the organization and the PMO’s culture, structure, strategy, and metrics; recognize, communicate, and influence project, program, and portfolio decisions and deliverables; build a stronger project-based organization that consistently delivers high-performance results; and improve their ability to impact results beyond the project level

  • Course #: MPPP-850-101
  • CRN: 31938
  • Format: Online
  • Instructor: Dong, A.
  • Dates: Jan 10 – Mar 05, 2018