Course Schedule for Spring 2017

Note: We are not currently accepting applications for the Executive Master of Professional Studies in Program & Portfolio Management. If you’re interested in applying for Fall 2017, we are still accepting applications for our Master of Professional Studies in Project Management.



Converting Strategic Plans

This course explores methods for gaining a strategic perspective. A large percentage of the portfolio manager’s role is to understand the strategic intent and deliver that intent in a tactical format via project and program delivery. This course demonstrates what it takes to improve organizational alignment and deliver on strategic objectives. Students learn the framework for strategic execution, which incorporates a full range of proven approaches and emerging concepts for aligning project and program initiatives with strategic objectives. Learning objectives for this course include creating an aligned way of thinking and behaving to support full strategy execution to bridge the gap between strategic plans and individual daily work. Students learn how to apply a process view to strategy execution; communicate priorities and change in a simple and compelling way; create and align smaller, achievable projects and initiatives; engage and prepare individuals and teams to accomplish strategic goals; apply best practices and frameworks to address execution challenges; ensure discipline in measuring performance and managing accountabilities; identify and reduce organizational barriers to strategic execution; formulate approaches for improving alignment between the organization and the PMO’s culture, structure, strategy, and metrics; recognize, communicate, and influence project, program, and portfolio decisions and deliverables; build a stronger project-based organization that consistently delivers high-performance results; and improve their ability to impact results beyond the project level

  • Course #: MPPP-850-201
  • CRN: 31938
  • Format: Online
  • Instructor: Brown, D.
  • Dates: Mar 15 – May 08, 2017


Financial Management

This course builds upon students’ understanding of corporate finance and investment analysis, as practiced by leading managers. By viewing programs and projects as investments, students are able to maximize the return on those investments and identify what they can do to improve a portfolio’s financial performance. Students utilize tools and techniques for tracking and mitigating the broad range of portfolio risks and uncertainty inherent in the management of complex projects and programs. The course examines industry standard project portfolio management tools designed to assist PMOs with governance and financial management decisions to optimize their portfolio.

  • Course #: MPPP-750-101
  • CRN: 31936
  • Format: Online
  • Instructor: Faour, H.
  • Dates: Jan 11 – Mar 05, 2017


Global Portfolio Management

This course provides an introduction to global portfolio management. Students examine proven approaches for ensuring that an organization is investing in the right projects and programs, providing the right resources, and completing those projects and programs at the right time. Additionally, students learn how to utilize a strategic framework, encompassing clearly identified and agreed upon success metrics to align projects and programs with business strategies. This includes benefits identification and realization by effectively managing resources and delivering the strategic intent through effective risk management and investment optimization. Class discussions and exercises illustrate that the depth, quality, and flexibility of a strategy provide competitive advantage. Students learn how to use frameworks for benefits and value identification, assessment, validation, and realization through theory and technique discussions and applied exercises, which incorporate real-world industry examples. Resource optimization is taught through group discussion and exercises designed to provide insight and methodology to optimize time, money, and work hours available to run portfolio components in order to obtain the maximum benefits and value in return. Students learn and apply tools and techniques through industry standard software applications. Discussion and exercises include selecting projects through formalized portfolio management processes and facilitating the successful execution of projects and programs.

  • Course #: MPPP-700-101
  • CRN: 31935
  • Format: Online
  • Instructor: Moschoglou, G.
  • Dates: Jan 11 – Mar 05, 2017


Strategic Leadership

This course teaches students the leadership traits required to execute strategy. Students learn about the crucial role that leadership plays in achieving better organizational performance and how best to use that role through innovative techniques for making astute decisions, translating strategy, assessing risk, managing change, and applying a personal framework to increase leadership effectiveness.

  • Course #: MPPP-800-201
  • CRN: 31937
  • Format: Online
  • Instructor: Dong, A.
  • Dates: Mar 15 – May 08, 2017

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