Summer Programs for High School Students

Online Courses

Georgetown University Summer High School Programs offers select undergraduate courses online, designed and taught by Georgetown’s faculty members. These courses feature the same content and objectives as on-campus courses, providing high school students with the opportunity to engage with college-level material and classmates.

Please Note: Available courses are subject to change. Any requests to take a class that is not on this list, or the Summer College Courses page, must be submitted to for review. See the FAQ page for details. Please do not contact class instructors directly to request permission to enroll.

Registration for Georgetown Summer High School Programs Online Courses

To register for an online course, visit the Registration Process page. Registration for summer online courses is open to all eligible students. Space is limited.

Georgetown Summer High School Programs is able to offer online courses to residents of most states, but is still awaiting full approval from a few select states. Additionally, these courses are open to U.S. citizens living abroad, and residents of most countries. Please consult the Important Policies for Online Students page to determine if you are eligible to enroll in our online courses. 


Students who are exclusively enrolled in online classes are not eligible for on-campus housing. A student must be enrolled in at least one on-campus course to live on-campus.