Program in Master's in Engineering Management

Career Outlook

Organizations are increasingly in need of strategic thinkers who can develop and manage solutions to complicated, evolving problems. Georgetown’s program equips you with the well-rounded skills and expertise to meet this demand.

Today, successful engineering professionals must not only possess a foundation of deep subject matter knowledge but also embody strong communication and leadership skills. They must be strategic decision-makers who can operate with agility and authority, particularly when faced with uncertainty. 

Upon completing our program, you’ll be primed to pursue a broad range of career opportunities within this rapidly evolving field.

$146,700 Average salary for engineering managers, DMV Pharma and Life Sciences (17%)Computer Hardware & Software (14%)Defense & Aerospace (26%)Civil & Environmental and Energy (7%)Other Tech Industries (26%) Top industries: Operations/Supply Chain EngineeringSystems Engineer/ArchitectProject/Program ManagerProduct ManagerBusiness/Financial/Data AnalystEntrepreneur/FounderConsultant (general, technical)Technical Lead/ManagerApplications/Sales Engineer Top job titles first-year post-graduation:

Source: Burning Glass Labor/Insight, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics