Mission & Learning Goals

The Georgetown University Master's in Engineering Management provides students with a portfolio of non-technical competencies, emphasising the humanistic side of engineering. Students engage with a faculty of experienced practitioners to develop the business acumen, strategic thinking, and ethical leadership skills they need to be competent and successful leaders and decision-makers in organizations within the manufacturing, construction, engineering, and technology spaces.

Learning Goals

Upon successfully completing the Master's in Engineering Management, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate and select management styles and organizational cultures to navigate day-to-day management challenges, especially those involving the management of people.
  • Formulate organizational strategies and strategic plans and demonstrate their implementation, taking into account the competitive and contextual environment.
  • Assess the financial condition and financial performance of an engineering organization and decide how to optimize the use of financial resources.
  • Recommend strategies and methodologies for the successful implementation of engineering projects and programs.
  • Explain the new product development process, identify tools that could assist product innovation, and explain methods to implement the launch strategy and manage the launch process.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and abilities to measure and optimize operational and supply chain processes.
  • Analyze complex decisions with multiple—and usually conflicting—objectives and uncertainty.
  • Recognize ethical issues and apply decision models to make decisions with ethical implications.